Blanchard are Losers


You heard us correctly. We are proud to announce that Blanchard are the newest addition to Society Of Losers.

If you aren’t quite familiar with the Blanchard boys- they are crushingly loud, riff-fuelled, noise-rock. Think Sabbath meets Shellac in a bar, gets chatting, one thing leads to another and nine months down the road a basket is found abandoned in the alleyway round the back with three grown men screaming in it (that’s it, metaphorical bastard children of metal and noise pioneers). Songs on the subjects of cats, scats and monsters of yore.

Blanchard will release their first SOL single “Paintbrushes” on May 20th - it’s a near 8 minute (ab)use of words adapted with gracious permission from Adam Buxton. It’s smashing. Rumour has it there is a secret B-Side from Infants bundled in with it, all rumours though.


You can catch Blanchard doing the rounds this May alongside fellow losers Infants and Salt The Snail: