Loserpalooza II


Holy full Loserpalooza II lineup, Losers!

We’re one month away from our 2nd annual multi staged, all day bonanza - a glorious celebration of Loserdom in the heart of the Northern Quarter in Manchester!

We’re squeezing 17 of the most Loserrific artists on the scene into The Peer Hat and Aatma on September 7th - all day with no clashes!

See you there, Losers!

Tickets are ON SALE NOW:

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LOSERPALOOZA II: First Wave Announcemnt, Earlybird Tickets!


Society Of Losers annual flagship bonanza returns to Manchester this September - bigger, better and you better believe even more Loserrific! Countless artists across 3 Stages!

Limited early bird tickets are ON SALE NOW! CLICK HERE!

Our first wave of artists to be announced each make their Loserpalooza debut! Dig it!

Sugar coated grunge punks Hands Off Gretel have come out swinging with their killer record "I Want the World" this year, we suspect they might just get it! 

Guy McKnights electro rock firm The DSM IV bring their mesmerising live show to Loserpalooza! 

Alt rock labyrinth riffs and rythms - Society of Losers Records roster members Bisch Nadar make their Loserpalooza debut

The newest Losers on the block - noise rock face melters with quirks galore!

Mancunian acid punks!

To buy tickets for this event please visit our events page: LOSERPALOOZA II tickets from Skiddle.

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Blanchard are Losers


You heard us correctly. We are proud to announce that Blanchard are the newest addition to Society Of Losers.

If you aren’t quite familiar with the Blanchard boys- they are crushingly loud, riff-fuelled, noise-rock. Think Sabbath meets Shellac in a bar, gets chatting, one thing leads to another and nine months down the road a basket is found abandoned in the alleyway round the back with three grown men screaming in it (that’s it, metaphorical bastard children of metal and noise pioneers). Songs on the subjects of cats, scats and monsters of yore.

Blanchard will release their first SOL single “Paintbrushes” on May 20th - it’s a near 8 minute (ab)use of words adapted with gracious permission from Adam Buxton. It’s smashing. Rumour has it there is a secret B-Side from Infants bundled in with it, all rumours though.


You can catch Blanchard doing the rounds this May alongside fellow losers Infants and Salt The Snail:


Forever In Debt mutate into INFANTS! NEW Single / Tour!

OG Losers Forever in Debt announced last week that they would be playing their final show at Chester Deaf Centre on March 29th - they told us they had Infants on the way.

Well, turns out that they are Infants.New name and most importantly NEW MUSIC! Those sly devils.

Infants have offered up an advanced download of their upcoming single 6 weeks prior to its offiaciall release! Get at it here: www.INFANTSTHEBAND.com


Apple Of Her Eye COVER small.jpg

Catch INFANTS on tour starting next Friday!


Bisch Nadar return with "Leaders" (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

A few months back the Bisch boys informed us that they had booked studio time at The Motor Museum with Tom Peters (of Alpha Male Tea Party fame) and as you can well imagine we were beside ourselves with joy.

We have heard “Leaders” take shape over the past year or so at various SOL showcases and it quickly became a firm favourite amongst faithful Losers - mind tangling riffs, wonderful vocal hooks, socially poignant wordsmanship - it really does have the lot. Even the cover art (courtesy of Victoria Brothers) is banging. We love it, every last bit of it and are incredibly proud to present it to you.

”Leaders” is available to stream on all major platforms including the Society Of Losers Records Bandcamp - so go check it out, add it to your playlists, share it with a friend, all of that good stuff.

We even have an exclusive sneak peak at the official video! Dig it, Losers: